[Fajing] ? Through "relative balance" of mind and body ? execute explosive power!
By Su Dongchen [Essence of Change]
Special edition 1:
The secret method of developing "Fajing" (Outbreak Power).
The system of practical body use to produce power.

Special edition 1:
A secret the method of developing" Fajing " (Outbreak Power).
The system of the body practical use which produces power.
[Fajing] ? Through "relative balance" of mind and body ? execute explosive power!
Author: Su Dongchen. [Essence of Change]
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Possessing mighty offensive strength which is greater than that of onefs enemy is the key to victory. Those who are regarded as strong must have exceptional ability. The Leitai fighting tournaments of Taiwan, though based on Chinese martial arts, are open to participants regardless of style; these competitions included practitioners of many different styles, including karate, judo, boxing, Tae Kwon Do, and Muay Thai. Master Su Dongchen is a veteran of such competitions, holding championship titles from large and small open tournaments. Based on years of research and abundant combat experience, Master Su explains universal combat theory that transcends styles.

"A Natural Motion is Carried Out."
The Necessary Conditions of a Battle

The system of shock power, and process of training.

Technical Description
1 step 1 punch (motion)- Forward
2 step 1 punch (motion)- Forward
3 step 1 punch (motion)- Forward

1 step 1 punch (motion)- Side

2 step 1 punch (motion)- Side
3 step 1 punch (motion)- Side
1 step 1 punch (motion)- Open/Close

2 step 1 punch (motion)- Open/Close
3 step 1 punch (motion)- Open/Close
Application: 1 step 1 punch (motion)- Side

Application: 2 step 1 punch (motion)- Side
Application: 3 step 1 punch (motion)- Side

Relative balance of Elastic - Running method.
Wave motion exercise.