The technical magazine of Chinese Martial Arts.
WUSHU MAGAZINE. Quarterly winter/1986
Publishing companyF FUKUSHOUDOU

Chinese Martial Arts Abroad:
Holding a seminar and exchanging with different species of martial arts.
Instructor of Essence of ChangeF Hideshi Kawata.
Master Su Dongchen of Essence of Change is welcomed overseas, and gives a seminar on Internal Martial Arts. It is interesting to see how the national traits of each country respond to Chinese martial arts. In addition, encountering the fighting arts of foreign countries is a pleasure. Here is a report on the seminar given this summer, when Master Su and Instructor Kawada traveled to France and Israel.

A Martial Artist Summer Vacation
The Seminar in France
Chinese Dance
Photograph 1- At the Military Museum in Paris
Photograph 2-Master Su Dong-Chen decorates the cover of the French martial art magazine
Photograph 3. Photograph 4 - Report in the French martial art magazine "ARTS & COMBATS.".

The Seminar in Israel
What is Tora (Tiger) school?

Photograph 1. Photograph2 - Master Su teaching at the seminar in Israel.

Exchange with the Israeli Martial Art of Krav Maga

A Conclusion and a Decision

Photograph 3 -
Master and Founder Imi Lichtenfeld of Krav Maga demonstrates his art for Mr. Su.

Photograph 4 -

A commemorative photo with Master Imi Lichtenfeld of Krav Maga (center) and Master Su (left.)