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Special edition: "Intention" which controls the body.

NTENTION: Consciousness rules over the physical body.
The power of the mind controls the body.
gMarvelous Mind Power.h
The body moves according to Intention. A poor image leads to a poor motion. Intention is the practical use of this image. While a martial art is way of fighting with the body, it is also combat of the mind. When the mind wins, there is victory. mind power is the key of a martial art.
Part1. Xing Yi Quan: @gImage powerh of Xing Yi Quan (gForm-Intention Fisth)
Author - Su Dongchen
@ Everything in Xing Yi Quan contains Intention.

When intention expands, movement and the bodyfs circulatory system also opens.
Be careful of fantasy and illusion.
In the book of Xing Yi Quan, it is written that intention is the secret.