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Grapple K Magazine. Apr./2002 No.43
Special edition: This is inch power.
The new state of fighting through advanced body operation.
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Special edition: This is inch power.
The new state of fighting through advanced body operation
Su Dongchen. The secret of inch power and consistent technique.

This is inch power. SU DONGCHEN
See the excellent technology of consistent technique which inch power completes!
There is no restriction on striking, throwing, and joint-locking techniques in martial arts. A consistent system includes all ranges of combat and recognizes the relationship between ranges, as Master Su asserts. Such a system differs from the mixed-style fighting sports which have gained popularity in recent years; fighting sports have rules covering what kinds of techniques are acceptable in competition.
Long range consists of striking, and as one approaches the opponent, throwing, choking, and joint-locking techniques become possible. Chinese martial arts talk of gJing,h or gskilled power.h There is a middle stage between gLong Powerh (Jing at a distance of feet) and gSticking Powerh (Jing at a distance of millimeters)?this middle stage is Inch Power, or Short Power. Inch power is not merely a punch at a short distance; it concerns the method of generating power. Long range striking and close range grappling is connected by Inch Power; this is Master Sufs consistent technique, realized through countless fighting experiences. It will surely become an intense suggestion for the world of competitive fighting arts.

Utilizing Inch power to realize consistent technique.
Without even adopting a fighting posture, Master Su can unleash Inch Power with uncanny speed, within an everyday motion. In addition to this high-level ability, Master Su is eager to research the theoretical basis for using Inch Power within martial arts, as well as the strategy it entails. Inch Power creates infinite possibilities. Furthermore, Master Su has developed a consistent fighting theory based on the evolution of point, line, plane, and three-dimensional movement, which he exhibits here.

Movement and execution of Jing
[Li] - gStrengthh ? abstract, native, and primeval
[Jing] - gPowerh ? concrete, acquired, and technical

Long Power (gJing at a distance of Feeth): This power comes from a long distance. The motion is large. It excels in generating shock power to a target. Speed and Power are employed to cover distance. The subject of long power is the pursuit of high speed and heavy power.
Short Power (gJing at a distance of Inchesh): This power comes from a short distance. The motion is small. It excels in penetration Jing to a target. Therefore, the technical structure and tactics of shortening to suitable distance are required. The subject of short power is to research and possess gmany anglesh and ghigh density.h
Sticking Power (gJing at a distance of millimetersh): Because of lack of space in close range, it is difficult to apply shock or penetration power; this is the range suitable to throwing/grappling styles. This is a secret gsoft powerh that can counter grabbing and holding.
Speed = distance / time. The pursuit of gspeedh possesses a game/competition inclination.
Research of uniform velocity, acceleration, and changing speed is the control of speed.
Power = speed x weight. The pursuit of gpowerh entails blind belief and muscle-worship.
The study of speed, weight, and intention is the study of controlling power. In developing speed and power, there is an evolutionary stage of: partial movement > total body exercise > whole body exercise.

The hand type used by Inch Power

Offense and defense of Point/Line/Plane/Three-dimensional
Offense and Defense of Point motion
Bow -strike
Throwing and joint-locking techniques

Offense and Defense of Line motion
Bow - strike
Throwing and joint-locking techniques

Offense and Defense of Plane
Bow - strike
Throwing and joint-locking techniques

Offense and Defense of Three-dimensional motion
Bow -strike
Throwing and joint-locking techniques