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Essence of Evolution. Introducing Tai-Chi Chuan method.
Thorough research of foundation returns Tai-Chi to its origin.

Master Su’s Tai-Chi Chuan Method was first introduced to our readers and students of Japanese Bushido in the June issue. His words affected a wide range of readers.
This section introduced a subject that is universal for martial arts practitioners: the “Fist.” The idea of a fist is a fundamental concept to those entering martial arts. We now pursue anew the essence of Tai-Chi Chuan.

Contemporary analysis - cooperative recognition of a "fist"
Recognition of the "fist" in EOE
Strategic composition
Combative law

The strategy of the "Tai-Chi Form Opening"
Small motion
A long-range Direct attack is dealt with using small motion.
High density defeats speed.
A “point” cannot defeat a “plane.”
Tactical Deployment

Medium motion
Middle-range Indirect capture method: medium motion (total body power) is dealt with using the “Crossing” capture method.
Practice of crossing method: A stepping method with relative balance.

Strike training

Large motion
Close range Throwing and joint-locking techniques are handled with the spiral/controlling method.
Defending against a tackle
Power Testing method

       Tactical Deployment
       EOE Consistent Technique
       Effective speed

     (I) Single training method [Adaptation]
      (1) Small motion VS Long distance [Direct attacking method]
      (2) Medium motion VS Middle distance [Crossing-capture method]
      (3) Large motion VS Close distance [Grapple-control method]
    (II) Pair-training method [Simulation]
      (1) Crossing method = defense method
      (2) Attacking method = capture method
      (3) Grapple method = control method
    (III) Power Testing [Proof]
      (1) Physics method ? Dynamics
      (2) Striking method ? Transfer
      (3) Issue “Jing” - principle

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TAI-CHI CHUAN STRATEGY Essence of Evolution
A martial arts must be capable of handling all enemies. Is it possible for Tai-Chi Chuan to accomplish this goal?
Combative Internal Martial Arts master Su Dongchen demonstrates “Tai-Chi Chuan Strategy.” By investigating Posture and Motion, Master Su presents methods of defense and control. The video examines the “technical form” and “tactical system” for accommodating all fighting situations.