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4000 Year Chinese tradition invades Kabukicho!
There was an expert who is not protected.
His name is Master Su Dongchen.
He participated in the Leitai open tournament of Taiwan at the age of 16, and won first place at the age of 17. He went on to evolve the technique of Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, and Tai Chi Quan, uncovering the essence of the arts. Master Su is a fighting martial artist who has survived dangerous fights on the street.
Chinese martial arts are is truly strong!
Keisuke Itagakifs gTrue Story of an Expert.h (Page 32 of the text)

An omen cannot be read at all!
Continuous change of Consistent Technique!
The great counterattack of Chinese martial arts!!!
Keisuke Itakagi was blown away by his first experience with inch power!

Against tradition!
Keisuke Itagakifs gtrue story of an expert.h
The fourth conversation with
Essence of Evolution Master SU DONGCHEN
Martial arts are part of a deep tradition, and Chinese martial arts are as well. But I would also like you to consider food, medicine, and sex; China is a country which has build and extraordinary culture around common human instinct. The field of a battle is no exception. I had heard that Kabukicho was famous for a certain combative martial arts school, and a certain master; his name is Su Dongchen.

On the day of the interview, Master Su appeared alone, wearing a transcendental and friendly face.
I thought to myself, gIs this man the fighting type?h Then I saw his arms extending from the short-sleeved shirt he wore. I heard his quiet, shy voice. This is not the voice of a fighter. Has he really survived street fights? This man?
It truly existed: Combative Chinese martial arts.

Photograph1 (right): Reporter - KEISUKE ITAGAKI, born 1957. Creator of Fighting comics. In his high school days he studied Japanese Shorinji Kempo. After graduation, he joined the army and began boxing. He fought in 13 competitions as an amateur boxer, and though he aspired to become a professional boxer, he gave up because of sickness. He then went on to become a professional comics writer/artist, creating such titles as Grappler Yaiba, Hunger Wolf, and Baki. He is also the author of Keisuke Itagakifs Fighting Expert Biographies.

Thrilling! Sublime! Brute force of a fighting scene!
Photograph2 (left): SU DONGCHEN. Born in 1953 in Taipei, Taiwan. He began studying Chinese martial arts, including Xing Yi Quan, at the age of 15, and fought in his first Leitai open tournament at the age of 16, winning 2nd place. The following year he won 1st place, and received the nickname gGifted Child of Leitai.h At age 23, Master Su emigrated to Japan, where he researched Japanese Bushido (martial ways.) He met with several prominent figures in Japanese Bushido, including Mas Oyama, founder of Kyokushinkai Karate, and So Dojin, founder of Shorinji Kempo.
He formed "Essence of Evolution" in 1998 in order to act as a professor of martial arts principle. Master Su has taught in Japan, France, Israel, the United States, and other nations.

Photograph 1 (right): Master Su played an active role in the Leitai tournaments in the second half of his teens.
Photograph 2 (left): Keisuke Itagaki and Su Dongchen.

The spiral that reverberated around the world!
I wanted to meet an expert who has stood on the field of battle, to see and hear an expert who is not protected! Although I thought that was the case, Master Sufs talk was too horrible. Much of it cannot be written. The front lines of combat are severe indeed.
Time to change the subject.
The Japanese people have an expression: gGo to the Extremes.h They choose one way of study and pursue it to extremes. In the world of Bushido, there is also talk of gsecretsh (secret techniques, etc.)
If seen from different angle, when there is an ache, I want to stop exercising early. When what lies before you is unclear, the goal we strive for is secret. Therefore, I may look to go directly to the end. But Taiwanese master Su Dongchen does not subscribe to this philosophy; for him, it is not a question of how far one can go, but rather how one proceeds. The best way is not always forward. Secrets do not exist for the expert who continues evolution. KEISUKE ITAGAKI