Iron Men of Street fighting. PART2@
One generation of Street fighters. @
The chapter of Su Dongchen
Su Dongchen- Chief - [Essence Of Change] Internal Martial Arts

An experienced fighter from Taiwan
Utilizing the theory of "Yin/Yang"I

Essence Of Change of Internal Martial Arts: Master Su Dongchen comes from Taiwan.
He is an expert of the Chinese "Internal Martial Arts." [Xing Yi ChuanABa Gua ZhangATai Chi Chuan]
The gLeitaih Martial Arts Open Tournaments of Taiwan were fought under the most extreme rules that existed at the time, and were competitions of comprehensive martial arts, including striking, throwing, and practitioners of different styles. Master Su obtained many excellent results within these competitions. He was part of the leading fight group in the Chinese martial arts community.
Although people tend to think of Chinese martial arts as mysterious and otherworldly, Master Sufs martial arts world is very real, populated by yakuza, criminals, knives and other weapons. In the real world, Master Su has had a heroic experience with his Chinese martial arts.
In his life, by calmly dealing with adverse situations, Master Su has also demonstrated the true combative use and character of Chinese martial arts.

1953 ? Born in Taiwan. Master Su studied various martial arts from the age of 14, including Shaolin arts, Xing Yi Chuan, and Ba Gua Zhang. He first participated in a Leitai Martial Arts Open Tournament at the age of 16, and got 2nd place. At the age of 17, he won first place! For this, he was given the nickname gGifted Child of Leitai.h He then sought to further his martial arts research and training, traveling to Okinawa, Japan, the United States, France, and Isreal, and his teaching and practice continues today.