Biographies of Fighting Experts by KEISUKE ITAGAKI
The Shocking World of Budo!
The author of popular fighting comics Baki the Grappler and Hunger Wolf enters the true world of fighting experts.
Not merely tradition, but a story of modern-day experts.
KENJI UJYO [Master of Sind?ryu Sind?kai]
HIDEO NAKAMURA [Chief of Karate-Do Kendokai]
YOSIAKI HATUMI [The head family of Bujinkan]
SU DONGCHEN [Internal Martial Arts Association]

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Chapter 3 Do not think to ggo to the extremes;h such a path is choiceless advancement.
SU DONGCHEN [Internal Martial Arts Association]EEEE129
There are many powerful players.
Secrets of Inch power.
In a fight, Crossed throwing techniques are more effective than striking.
How to fight multiple opponents.
Knife VS towel.
Survival instinct overcomes terror.
An expert without secrets.
If the front is no good, one can go to the side.