Shaolin style.
Chinese martial arts: Monkey Fist Author: SU DONGCHEN

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These days, there is a growing interest in Chinese martial arts, also known as gkung fu.h I was born in Taiwan, and from the time I was a child, I was interested in these arts, which are often practiced in parks and other open spaces in town. When I was 15 years old, I was initiated into the school of Master Hong Yixiang, who is an authority in the Chinese martial arts community of Taiwan. In addition, I served as a guide for junior students, while continuing to receive instruction from Master Hong and my seniors. I was able to participate in several national open martial arts tournaments that were held annually, with good results, including a national championship title. The publication of this book in Japan represents a good opportunity to correctly educate readers on the subject of Chinese martial arts. So, with special permission from Master Hong, I have decided to examine gShaolin Monkey Fist,h an art passed down from Northern China.
There are many styles of Chinese martial arts which have been passed down from ancient times. Shaolin Monkey Fist is a precious example among these arts. It consists of light, agile movements, mimicking the nature of the animals it takes its name from. It is a truly combat-oriented martial art.
Although this book explains basic theory and technique, it also uses stop-motion photography to accurately convey the ideas. Since Shaolin Monkey Fist is explained in both theory and application through pictures, I hope that it becomes a good source of information for those who study Chinese martial arts.
I would also like to thank those who cooperated in the publication of this book, including Master Hongfs senior photographer, Mr. K?itiro Ozeki, and the Airyudo editorial department.

Table of contents
About a Chinese martial art
1. Chinese Martial Art Short History 10
Precious reference "Kikoshinsyo" 10
The history of a martial art from Qing dynasty to modern China. 11
The "Chin-Wu gymnastics school" of "Ka Gen-Kou" 12
The present Chinese martial art community13
2, Chinese martial art outline 15
The Chinese martial art outline-north style and south style 15
The difference between North style and South style 15
About Shou Rin Monkey Fist 16
Mankey Fist is the legitimacy of Shou Rin Fist.17
3.Knowledge of the offense and defense of 3 and a north style martial art. 18
The fundamental view of a strike. 18
70% of human body is moisture. 18
Mysteries-inch power. 21
A defensive fundamental view. 23
The Chinese martial art of a "circle" and a "plane" 23
Basic [ of offense and defense ] - "Thee point is one line." 25

4. Chinese martial art practice and competition. 26
Martial art school in Taiwan -"Tan Sou" Martial Arts school. 26
Pupil differs from a student. 27
True admission formula-Pai Su.28
About MasterHong 28
Practice of a Chinese martial art. QX
Competition of a Chinese martial art. RP
The system, rule, etc. of competition. RS
basic of a Chinese martial art
1. Body Method- {10 Large technique}. 38
Body Method. 38
Explanation of 10 Large technique. 38
2. Step Method {Seven Star steps / 100 steps in a skirt.}. 44
Step Method. 44
Explanation of Seven Star step. 44
Explanation of 100 steps in a skirt. 46
3. Leg Method. 50
Kick. 50
Mei Fa Leg. 50
Static posture. 58
A basic practice type and 8 hand
About eight hands 60
1. explanation of eight hands. 60
2. Usage explanation of eight hands. 80
How to take out power. 100
Shou Rin Monkey Fist
Introduction. 102
1. Explanation of Mankey Fistand model. 104
2. Mankey Fist and usage explanation. 150
Motion of an animal Chinese martial art. 198
pair training of a Chinese martial art (sparring)
About pair training 200

1. Explanation of pair training. 201
Spa ring and a battle. 248
Weapon(s) of a Chinese martial art
" Sai" and "3 joint stick". 250
Postscript. 254